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The Best Experience - 5 stars

Nicest lady ever!  Super sweet and informative!  Will definitely spread the word on Bond Before Birth and will be returning!

J.R.,  Dec. 10, 2023

Amazing - 5 stars

We had an amazing experience with Joan!!!  She made the whole time comfortable and easy.   She took the time with my older daughter and my boyfriend to point out exactly what we were looking at.  We already have our next appointment booked for 30 weeks!

E.A.,  June 27, 2023

Amazing Experience! - 5 stars

Super relaxing environment and high quality ultrasound photos.

M.R.,  Apr. 23, 2023

Highly Recommend - 5 stars

Such a cool experience.  Got amazing pictures and video of my baby boy.  Cozy, comforting vibes throughout the whole visit.

J.M.,  March 23, 2023

Perfect - 5 stars

We loved everything about our visit.

K.L., Jul 7, 2022

Love it - 5 stars

Love the way she treats us!  She was so nice and caring, makes you feel comfortable and like you are at home.  Such a peaceful place.  I definitely recommend it.

Z.A., Mar 6, 2022

The Best - 5 stars

This by far was the best ultrasound I've ever had.  She really took her time with every frame and every angle.  I'm truly grateful that I booked at this location.  The experience was awesomely amazing.

Andrana Thomas  Oct 20, 2021

10/10 recommend - 5 stars

BY FAR...the BEST ultrasound center.  Joan is So kind.  The facility itself.. makes you want to never leave.  It's so cozy and comfortable.  She is so great the entire time.  10/10 recommend!

Lauren Coyne Jul 31, 2021

3D ultrasound - 5 stars

Small quaint building with the feeling of getting an ultrasound right in your very own home. We went at 15 weeks and she was able to identify the gender. She even helped us keep it a secret for the gender reveal party.

Ebony Johns Sep 28, 2020

Bond Before Birth 3D/4D Ultrasound - 5 stars

We drove an hour and a half for this and I honestly would have driven 3 hours! Amazing experience! Joan is excellent at all aspects and doesn’t give up till she gets the best pictures and the room is so adorable! My fiancé has not been able to attend any appointments due to COVID and she took the time to make sure he got the most out of this experience. We are so truly thankful for bond before birth!

Katelyn Costello  August 28, 2020

An Amazing Experience - 5 stars

Because of covid I’ve had to go to all my doctors appointments alone. My husband got to see our baby through ultrasound for the first time and it was such a special experience. Not to mention the surroundings were cozy and calming.

Kaylor H Aug 23, 2020

Watch Me Grow Package - 5 stars
Joan is always amazing! She was awesome with our second child and telling us the gender at 15 weeks! Now with this pregnancy, she remembered who we were and made this experience so amazing. I love how friendly she is and how warm and welcoming she makes everyone feel. I would highly recommend Joan’s services! I am excited for our 6 visit as we watch our baby grow!

Elisheba Williams Aug 4, 2020

Awesome experience! - 5 stars

Amazing experience! So tranquil and comfortable in the room!! Joan was SO sweet and patient! I loved her and she made my husband and I feel so welcome!!! Whole place is very clean! HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Nicole Christy Jul 31, 2020

Fantastic Experience - 5 stars

This was a fantastic experience and was totally different world than what you get from your drs office/the hospital. 100% recommend doing this at least once at some point during your pregnancy.

Amber Schley Jul 27, 2020

Amazing experience - 5 stars

I just have to say that this little place is a hidden gem and it was one of the most amazing experiences that me and my husband got to have with him not being able to go to the hospital to see any ultrasounds or hear a heartbeat in person it was awesome that we got the opportunity here to do so not to mention to put a heartbeat in a stuffed animal and find out our gender early five stars 10 if I could give them please check this place out!

Jadessa Shann Jul 14, 2020

Nothing more than amazing  - 5 stars

We have gone to BBB twice. Once to find out the gender of our baby & then recently at 29 weeks to see what our little boy would look like. Let me start off by saying the little hut is the cutest place. Of course our little boy didn’t cooperate, she was very patient with trying to get him to move and didn’t give up until we got to see him in a good position. We chatted like old friends & she even talked my 6 year old daughter. To me that place is magical and I loved being able to see my little guy.

Danielle C Jun 28, 2020

Great experience - 5 stars    

I had a great experience here, informative and friendly. I love the heartbeat bear we picked out. Great option for those who aren't getting ultrasounds as much as they want them. Best thing to calm a worried mind. Highly recommend!

Mallory b Jun 10, 2020

Amazing! - 5 stars

Amazing experience and Joan was so awesome. She gave us the news that we are having a baby girl and it was one of the best moments of our lives! Highly recommend this!

K.B. Feb 26, 2020

Perfect ! - 5 stars   

2nd time going and got such fantastic photos and she was so sweet and took her time and it was such a warm and cozy atmosphere!! Also, best prices/packages I found! Highly recommend :)

A.S. Feb 20, 2020

Exciting yet relaxing! - 5 stars 

Had an absolutely wonderful experience seeing our baby girl's face for the first time in a wonderfully relaxing environment. I would highly recommend to any expecting family!

Amy Cartwright Dec 10, 2019

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